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Gosh it’s been a while since the last post. Anyhow here goes … I have finally gone head first into a new project that I have been dabbling with for some time. After literally building a skeleton base in 2 different frameworks I have decided to move forward with Symfony.

Symfony just feels clean to me. It was literally a toss up between Laravel and Symfony but initially I was gravitating to use Silex (which is based on Symfony components). I decided that I would go full hog with it’s big brother Symfony. So far I can’t complain. This project, while a larger one, is fairly straight forward with some interesting components to it. It’s fun to get in some real work done with the language that made me fall in love with web programming and get away from the code that pays the bills currently.

The second part to the larger picture of requirements with this project is for an API to be created that can be consumed by various websites. Now while I could have very well went with the same code layer I opted for something different. For this I went ahead and chose Go. I am still a total n00b, but I love the syntax, simplicity, and power that Go has to offer. For that I love the stuff so far. Not to mention they have a cute little Gopher as a mascot.