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Recently I came across some old code that I wanted to showcase. Back in 2007 I had made some efforts to create a Zillow C# web service wrapper. It was working at the time yet it was never fully implemented and as such I never did anything useful with it. Fast forward to a few days ago. In matter of a minutes I was able to revive the project (yes it still ran with all the VS upgrades).

I then decided that I wanted to implement some of the cool new features of .NET using async and the headless HttpClient. I quickly duplicated all of the functionality that previously existed via async methods, refactored for a generic API caller, and mashed up a UI in an MVC project. To get the UI to talk to the Zillow services I added a WebAPI layer for data access. After all the code was in place and the syntactical sugar set I fired up the web application. Awesome! It worked.

The only thing I had left to do was to get updates of all the XSDs from Zillow, regenerate the classes (via xsd.exe), update all of the currently implemented methods, and implement the rest of the methods that I hadn’t yet. After a few more hours doing this I was proud to say that I had fully implemented the Zillow APIs. I decided there after to release the C# service layer as a library on GitHub. You can find it here

If you have any questions about the code feel free fork it or provide pulls for me.